The historic row of cellars in Farkasmály was a favourite destination of the burgers of Gyöngyös as early as 200 years ago where they would sit in the shade of plane trees planted when cellars were carved into andesite volcanic tuff and sip the wines made from the excellent grapes grown on the hillside of Sárhegy. The climate of the row cellars and the unchanging temperature of the cellars carved in Sárhegy even today attract many visitors eager to enjoy fine wines in a tranquil environment. Such a cellar, keeping long-standing wine making traditions alive, at the same time, making wines satisfying today’s tastes, as well as a wine house and wine shop ‘Vinotéka’has been opened by Benjámin Bárdos and his son, Tamás Bárdos.

The policy of the Bárdos and Son Winery is combining modern wine technologies and tradition to make high-quality wines that satisfy consumer tastes. Processing, bottling and storing of wines produced by the Bárdos and Son Winery takes place in Nagyréde. New wines made in Nagyréde with the cooled and controlled fermentation method are bottled in the Farkasmály cellar after treatment and barrique ageing. The climate of the cellar is ideal for the long-term storing of bottled wines of excellent vintages, therefore, a cellar branch for ageing bottled wines has been opened. Friends of wine with sophisticated tastes or looking for old wines may taste as well as buy wines here.

The cellar No.22 in Farkasmály is open to visitors, who may gain an insight into how wines are made here as well as may taste them. To make wine tasting more special experience, cold and hot dishes including local specialities are served. Wines are introduced to quests by specialists. Selected wines are available in the wine shop. The reliable and unchanging quality of wines made by the winery is quaranteed by the knowledge and expertise coupled with experience in the field of state-of-the-art wine making technologies.